Single-Sided Tooth Plate Connectors

Single-sided tooth plate connectors are used for metal-wood or wood-wood connections (softwood) in combination with bolts or wood screws to absorb shear forces. The bolts or screws subject to load absorb the clamping and tensile forces in the bolt axis.

Product Description:

Model: SSC-A75

Material: galvanized steel

MOQ: 10000 pcs



Used to manufacture double-shear, shear-loaded metal–wood and wood–wood connections made from softwood, e.g. half-lap joints, frame corners and collar beams.


1. Bore a hole for the bolt and nut in the timber component. The bore diameter for bolts in wood may only be max. 1 mm larger than the nominal diameter of the bolt. The bolt must rest against the metal tab and against the tooth plate connector.

2. Position the single-sided tooth plate connector in the timber component. The tooth plate connectors can be fixed in place using the nail holes. It is not permitted to drive in the connector by hitting the teeth directly.

3. Drive in the tooth plate connector by tightening the bolt torque or using a hydraulic driving tool. Alternatively, special driving tools can be used.

4. Tighten the bolts if the wood cross-section tapers.


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  • Post time: Apr-20-2022