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  • Rebar Safety Caps

    Rebar Safety Caps

    Without rebar caps or seat belts, exposed rebar ends (such as protruding starting rebar) can pose a serious threat to employees of cuts, scratches, bruises and abrasions, so many countries around the world have taken action , to protect workers from this hazard by enacting prescribed safety legis...
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  • Conduit Strut Pipe Clamp

    Conduit Strut Pipe Clamp

    Conduit Strut Pipe Clamp are used to secure vertical or horizontal pipe runs to standard strut channel. Each clamp includes (2) brackets, (1) bolt and (1) nut (plus a rubber cushion for cushioned clamps). Various options are available for copper, black, cast iron, PVC and ABS pipes. Conduit Strut...
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  • Fast Clamp Sway Brace

    Fast Clamp Sway Brace

    Fast Clamp Sway Brace Component helps construct pipe, duct, and electrical system bracing to provide required protection against seismic events. Applications include areas of high seismic and hurricane risk, and where protection against powerful explosions is required. Breakaway bolt-and-nut desi...
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  • J Shape Pipe Hanger Clamp

    J Shape Pipe Hanger Clamp

    Material: J shape pipe hanger clamp, unless noted, are punch-press made from hot-rolled, pickled and oiled steel plates, strip or coil, and conform to ASTM specifications A1008, A575, A576, A635, or A36. The fitting steel also meets the physical requirements of ASTM A1011 SS GR 33. The pickling ...
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  • Aluminum L Track

    Aluminum L Track

    Our aluminum L-track is chosen and cut specifically for camper van and truck applications. L-track (also known as Logistic Track) is a versatile way to secure different types of cargo, especially in a moving vehicle. Our surface L-track is ideal for van walls and ceilings but can also be installe...
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  • Strong-Tie Mending Plates

    Strong-Tie Mending Plates

    Strong-Tie Mending Plates also named truss connector plate, or gang plate, it is is a kind of tie. Truss plates are light gauge metal plates used to connect prefabricated light frame wood trusses. They are produced by punching light gauge galvanized steel to create teeth on one side. The teeth ar...
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  • New Product: Black Bird Spikes

    New Product: Black Bird Spikes

    PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of premium material, these bird spikes feature discharge tips without causing harm to birds. Bird spikes only help you hunt birds, and they are eco-friendly and safe. JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: Measures approximately 44.7cm/17.60inches long, 7.2cm/2.83inches wide, and the tip mea...
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  • Galvanized Joist Hanger Timber Cnnector

    Galvanized Joist Hanger Timber Cnnector

    Galvanized Joist Hanger Timber Cnnector are designed for applications where higher loads are needed. These hangers utilize double shear nailing for added strength. This innovation distributes the load through two points on each joist nail for greater strength. It also allows the use of fewer nail...
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  • Single-Sided Tooth Plate Connectors

    Single-Sided Tooth Plate Connectors

    Single-sided tooth plate connectors are used for metal-wood or wood-wood connections (softwood) in combination with bolts or wood screws to absorb shear forces. The bolts or screws subject to load absorb the clamping and tensile forces in the bolt axis. Product Description: Model: SSC-A75 Materia...
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  • Truss Nail Plates for Wood Construction

    Truss Nail Plates for Wood Construction

    Truss nail plates are used to connect two or more timber members together. Our connector plates offer the best balance between nail value and steel strength in the industry and meet or exceed your local building code requirements. Truss Nail Plates Details: Material: galvanized steel SGH340+Z275...
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  • About Hurricane Ties

    About Hurricane Ties

    Our company supply hurricane ties,we have a whole set of quality management system to guarantee the quality of our products as well as after sale service. What are hurricane ties? Hurricane ties are designed to make wooden structures resistant to high winds, such as those caused by hurricanes. S...
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  • What are saddle pipe clamps?

    What are saddle pipe clamps?

    Pipe clamps, or pipe fixings, are best defined as the support mechanism for suspended pipes, whether that be horizontal overhead or vertical, adjacent to a surface. They are vital in ensuring all pipes are fixed securely while also allowing for any pipe movement or expansion that may occur. These...
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