Rafter Purlin Anchor Wood Connectors as Angle Bracket for Beams Building Fasteners

What is a rafter purlin anchor?
A rafter purlin anchor is a metal bracket that connects the roof rafters to the purlins. A rafter purlin anchor is an essential component in the construction of roofs and can provide added stability and support. Rafters are the sloping beams that support the roof, while purlins are horizontal beams that provide additional support. The anchor acts as a wood connector between these two crucial components, ensuring the roof’s overall strength and stability.

what is rafter purlin anchor for used?
A rafter purlin anchor helps to minimize the effects of lateral forces (such as heavy snowfall or wind) on the roof. By anchor securely fastening the rafters and purlins together, the anchor distributes the weight evenly across the roof structure, making the roof more resistant to these lateral forces, reducing the chance of structural failure.

What is the rafter purlin anchor made of material?
Rafter Purlin Anchor is made of high-quality carbon steel material, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized to comply with DIN standards. Using a rafter purlin anchor can improve the overall durability and lifespan of the roof. By providing a secure connection between the rafters and purlins, the anchor helps to distribute the load evenly, reducing the strain on individual components. This can prevent premature wear and tear, ultimately extending the life of the roof.

Rafter Purlin Anchor Installation
A rafter purlin anchor is relatively easy to install.
It is crucial to ensure the anchor is correctly sized and installed according to the specific requirements of the roof design and load calculations.
It typically involves securing the anchor to both the rafter and purlin using screws or nails.

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