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In the construction industry, the choice of building materials plays a vital role in the durability and longevity of a project’s structure. Some metal connectors are often used in wooden joints such as roofs, decks, floors, ceilings, including joist hangers, angle bracket etc.

What is a Joist Hanger?
Joist hangers are common metal connectors in wooden trusses. The designed to provide support underneath the timber beam, joist or rafter to provide a strong connection, to resist downward force and to provide structural stability. Joist hangers are made of high quality pre-galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel. Making it suitable for outdoor applications and areas exposed to moisture.

Why do joist hangers need to be galvanized and what is the standard?
Critical components of building wood truss hardware, such as joist hangers, angle brackets, or post anchors, require galvanized steel (G-185 coating) or stainless steel with a zinc content of 1.85 ounces per square foot. All fasteners that are used with any hardware must be the same material as the hardware.

What are the advantages of galvanized joist hangers?
1. Durability: Galvanized steel joist hangers are known for their exceptional durability. The zinc coating acts as a protective barrier, ensures that the hangers will stand the test of time even in harsh weather conditions.
2. Strength: Steel is renowned for its strength, and galvanized steel joist hangers are no exception. They provide robust support for joists and beams, ensuring structural stability and preventing sagging or warping over time. This strength is especially crucial in load-bearing applications, where the hangers bear significant weight.
3. Versatility: Galvanized steel joist hangers come in various sizes and designs, making them versatile for different construction needs. These hangers can accommodate various joist sizes and angles, providing flexibility during installation.
4. Easy Installation: Installing galvanized steel joist hangers is relatively simple and straightforward. They typically come with pre-drilled holes for nails or screws, allowing for quick and efficient installation.

The production environment of joist hangers

galvanized steel joist hanger

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