Galvanized Insulation Saddles Manufacturers in China

180 Degree Galvanized Insulation Saddles
- Galvanized insulation saddles are used to protect pipe insulation from compression at pipe hanger locations.

- Saddle sizes range from 2″ to 12″, and other custom sizes.

- The material is galvanized carbon steel, which provides super anti-rust protection.

- Do not hang rigs or flares on hangers. Flush pipe insulation to prevent mold growth.

- Saddles are individually marked with an insulated outer diameter to ensure proper installation.

Benefits of Galvanized Insulation Saddles
1. Corrosion Resistance: Galvanized insulation saddles are coated with zinc, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, where they are exposed to moisture or harsh weather conditions.

2. Durability: The galvanized coating enhances the durability of the saddles, making them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand heavy loads and maintain their structural integrity over time.

3. Easy Installation: Galvanized insulation saddles are designed for easy installation. They typically feature pre-drilled holes or self-adhesive backing, allowing for quick and hassle-free attachment to surfaces.

Applications of Galvanized Insulation Saddles
1. HVAC Systems: Galvanized insulation saddles are commonly used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They secure insulation materials to ductwork, ensuring efficient thermal insulation and preventing energy loss.

2. Construction Industry: These saddles are widely utilized in the construction industry for insulating walls, ceilings, and roofs. They provide a reliable method of attaching insulation materials to various surfaces, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heat transfer.

3. Industrial Applications: Galvanized insulated saddles can be used in factory or warehouse industrial environments to utilize insulation to control temperature or reduce noise. They are used to secure insulation materials to pipes, equipment, or machinery.

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  • Post time: Jan-17-2024