New Product: Black Bird Spikes

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of premium material, these bird spikes feature discharge tips without causing harm to birds. Bird spikes only help you hunt birds, and they are eco-friendly and safe.

JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: Measures approximately 44.7cm/17.60inches long, 7.2cm/2.83inches wide, and the tip measures approximately 10cm/3.94inches in size.

Anti-climbing and practical: anti-climbing bird spikes can effectively prevent cats and other animals from climbing or staying on the fence, railing, roof, etc.

180 Degree Foldable: The bird spikes can be folded 180° and can be put on roofs and fences conveniently.

Practical accessory: helps solve problems caused by birds. Prevent birds from nesting on your house roof to keep your house or garden clean and tidy.

Convenient to Use: The bike spikes can be tied with cable ties, straps or fixed with adhesives. A perfect choice for window sills, balconies, trees, fences, fireplaces and other places.


GKPC-17-51-1-300x300Model: No – GKPC-17-5

Size(approx.): length 44.7cm/17.60in, width 7.2cm/2.83in, tip 10cm/3.94in, weighs about 83g/piece

Material: PP

Customized: Accepyed

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  • Post time: May-13-2022