GKSS-39 Pigeon, Seagull Bird Deterrent Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

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Material:Stainless steel (SS201.304.316)

Base length:50cm

Base width:2cm

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 Stainless steel bird spikes are a low-cost, maintenance-free and humane bird control solution.

Stainless Steel Pigeon Control Eco-Friendly Feature Bird Spikes can also help you eliminate rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, squirrels and other pests or vermin from your home, office, warehouse, parking lot or garden.

1).Bird spike follows contours of wall;

2).Bird spike has neat appearance;

3).Bird spike is easy to Install and maintain;

4).Our bird spike is economic;

5).It is effective intrusion deterrent.

6).Wide coverage of any spikes

Model GKSS-39 Base length 50cm
Spike material Stainless steel (AISI201,304,316) Base width 2cm
Base material Stainless steel (AISI201,304,316) Diameter of spike 1.6mm
Application Type Physical Barrier Height of spike 11cm
Feature humanize Spike number 50 spikes
Pest Type Pigeons, sparrows,  swallows, many other birds Protection range *



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