102mmx8.45m Galvanized Knuckle Truss Nail Plate

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Model: LTNP Material: galvanized steel Lenth(mm): 60-480mm(10/15/20m) Width(mm): 34/68/102/136mm

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Gang-Nail connector is a steel plate with a collection of spikes or nails projecting from one face. The spikes, or teeth, are formed by punching slots in steel but leaving one end of the ‘plug’ connected to the sheet. The teeth are then formed so they project at right angles to the plate. During this process the teeth are shaped to produce a rigid projection. When the teeth of a connector plate are pressed into timber laid end-toend, the plate ‘welds’ them together by forming a Gang-Nail joint. Connectors are always used in pairs with identical plates pressed into both faces of the joint. The concept is simple but the design of efficient Gang-Nail connectors requires careful balancing of tooth shape and density, connector plate thickness and ductility. An ongoing commitment to research and development ensures that Hebei Crown Wealth licensed truss fabricators have the most efficient truss system at their disposal. 1. We nail plates are suitable for trusses, formwork, site splicing and so on. 2. We nail plates are designed for on-site use and can be easily applied by hand tools. 3. We nail plates can also be in the form of coils. 4. Comply with AS, ASTM and CE standards. 5. We are wholesaler and OEM manufacturer and any size is available.

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Galvanized steel





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