Rebar Safety Caps

Without rebar caps or seat belts, exposed rebar ends (such as protruding starting rebar) can pose a serious threat to employees of cuts, scratches, bruises and abrasions, so many countries around the world have taken action , to protect workers from this hazard by enacting prescribed safety legislation, all exposed rebar ends must be covered.

As safety standards continue to tighten in Singapore and across Asia, it becomes increasingly important for contractors to comply with higher safety standards and to maintain and ensure the safety of workers on site.

Crown Wealth has long been a leader in providing products that not only meet but exceed quality and safety standards, so we are now proud to add mushroom reinforced safety helmets to our growing line of construction products.

Advantages of rebar safety caps:

1.Made of colored polypropylene

2.almost indestructible

3.Designed as a visual warning, bright orange/yellow for high visibility and safety

4.Inexpensive, cost-effective rebar safety protection

5.Can be reused

6.Quick and easy installation

7.High visibility design for easy inspection and avoidance


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  • Post time: Sep-27-2022